Just glasses provides a range of the best reading glasses, sunglasses for men and women as well as sunreaders and ski goggles. We have a team of eyewear experts who know our reading glasses inside and out and have many years experience. We have developed a full range of glasses accessories to complement your chosen reading spectacles, including lens care kits, cords and glasses cases.

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Our experts always highly recommend our reading glasses and eyewear accessories for the longevity of your glasses or goggles. Although built to excellent quality standards you can increase the lifetime of your purchase through using one of our care kits and reading glasses cases. Moreover, you also have the option of using one of our cleaning kits or even a glasses cord so you never lose that loved pair! We eat, sleep, and breathe eyewear, which allows us to cater our entire shopping experience around helping you find the perfect pair of reading glasses and knowing a suitable way to keep them in great nick!

Reading glasses Cases & Sunglasses Case

Our hard glasses case are perfect for keeping your glasses safe, and scratch free from unintential damage. For everday use (especially if you put your glasses down) wear and tear is inevitable. Indeed, if you put the glasses in a pocket, jacket, purse or bag unprotected you will likely either lose them or they have a great chance of getting crushed. We highly recommend you getting a case for reading glasses or your sunglasses.

All of our reading glasses cases are sturdy, hard shell and come in a compact size, ideal for storing your glasses without rattling. The spectacle cases will ensures protection of your regular sized glasses or sunglasses at all times. Our mens glasses case and womens glasses cases are available in different colours, so you can match your eyeglass case to your frames. An absolute must have especially when purchasing the more expensive reading glasses/ sunglasses.

Reading Glasses Cords & Eyeglass Chains

The amount of times people lose glasses is so common. The average purchaser will need a pair for home, office, car and travel too as they can never remember their glasses. Its one of the most annoying things to turn up somewhere and have difficulty reading, you crave for your reading glasses. Well with our reading glasses cords you no longer need to worry as the glasses will be around your neck.

One of our most popular reading glasses accessories our eyeglasses chains and cords are perfect solution so you have your glasses are with you at all times. Comfortable to wear and super easy to clip the cords onto any of our reading glasses, sunglasses or sunreaders the cords attach firmly and safely.

Glasses Repair Kits

Our eyeglass repair kits accessory has it all! For all those times you just need the correct sized screwdriver to get that fix done. Our spectacle repair kit offer a simple and practical solution for fixing your reading glasses or any spectacle repairs.

Lens Cleaner

We also stock cleaning kits, optical wipes for glasses and microfibre cloths for cleaning your spectacles. The glasses cleaner spray is an industry standard formulated spray which is ideal for simple home professional lens cleaning for keeping your glasses in spic and span order.

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