Welcome to the Just Glasses anti glare glasses for computer eyeglass range. Our high quality computer glasses filter blue light and screen glare – with only an almost unnoticeable tint. All the range of computer reading glasses are anti glare, anti fatigue and anti strain which assist considerably with reducing eye strain and sleep deprivation too. The Computer glasses which are suitable for both men and women have been sourced especially for the Digital Era of using constant screen views on our laptops, mobile devices and smartphones.

Not only are the computer glasses for eye protection practical, we make them look just as great with stylish modern frames. Browse through the collection of UV blocking computer glasses which showcase a perfect blend of fashion, function and affordability.

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Buy Computer Glasses UK (approved CE)

Our hand selected non prescription computer glasses collection has been sourced from premium suppliers ensuring we can deliver only the best computer protection glasses available for the UK market. The demand for UV glasses for computer use is on the rise and we’re here to supply you the latest designed models at affordable prices.

You can also choose to buy computer vision glasses in a range of colours including the classic black retro computer reading glasses or the tortoiseshell computer glasses. All of our screen glasses have blue light filter lenses which are all approved CE to British Standards.

UV Computer Glasses Strengths

The computer monitor glasses are available in the following strengths:

Computer Glasses 0.00 clear lens, Computer Glasses 1.0, Computer Reading Glasses 1.5, Computer glasses 2.0, 2.5 Computer Glasses, +3.0 Computer Readers and 3.50 Computer Spectacles.

When selecting your reading glasses for computer strength, if you would normally use say +1.00 lens power then you should use the same strength for your computer glasses too.

When & How To Use Computer Glasses

Usually the first symptom of eyestrains inflicted by computer screens is not blurred vision, but eye fatigue, a headache, neck or back pain or sensitivity to light.

However, do not despair as generally most of the symptoms of computer eye strain can be alleviated by making adjustments to your setting, optimizing screen monitor settings and using quality computer reading glasses. Reducing screen glare with a good quality anti-reflective coating computer reading glasses can greatly help cut down on computer eyestrain.

Tackling blue light stimulation with our Blue Light Computer Glasses

*Limit computer use and adjusting screen brightness.
*Switch to the night shift mode especially before bed.
*Switch to warm light led bulbs where you are using screens the most.

** Just Glasses is an online retailer of computer screen glasses and we are NOT an optician or medically qualified. The information provided here is not professional medical advice and should not be acted upon unless advised by a certified and appropriate optical professional.

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