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Founded ten years ago, Just Glasses provides affordable and quality glasses that rival what is on offer from traditional high street opticians but for far less money. As an online retailer, we are often able to provide exclusive offers on sunglasses, reading glasses and ski goggles that are not yet available anywhere else.

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Welcome to the Just Glasses sunglass shades range. Our cheap sunglasses collection includes a diverse range of styles and colours including the latest aviator, wayfarers, retro, round, pilot, mirrored and cat eye sunglasses. We also have wrap around and clip-on sunglasses that work alongside your current prescription lenses. All our products are of exceptionally high quality with excellent UV protection and durable frames, and they are not available in any UK high street retailer. You can also choose between a range of tints as well as mirrored and polarised lenses.

Unlike some online retailers, we offer a full range of customer service and a number of different ways to get in touch, including by telephone. While full product specifications are mentioned in the individual products descriptions, our friendly Birmingham team are here to help when you need us. All our discount sunglasses come with a convenient pouch. Take a look at our latest selection of sunglasses for sale this season.

Buying Sunglasses : Our Top Tips

Sunglasses are designed to protect our eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can lead to serious eye damage, including cataracts and cancer. Poorly fitting sunglasses may not provide enough protection, and you may not want to wear them if they are uncomfortable or awkward. So it is important to find a pair that fits you well and which you will want to keep on wearing. If convenience is the most important factor, clip-on lenses that you can carry in your pocket or glove compartment might be better. Different lens colours including smoke grey, orange, gold and yellow, are suited to different circumstances, with the darkest shades being the most popular all-rounders.

Cheap Sunglasses For Men & Women

All our sunglasses for men and women come with superb UV protection, and they are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit your preferences. While we think it is a myth that our face shape should restrict us to certain types of glasses, it is a good idea to get a size that is proportionate to your face and features. If you are particularly concerned about finding a pair that flatters you, you’ll want to find a frame that is the opposite shape to your face. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead and cheekbones, you should opt for the narrow sleekness of cat-eye frames. If you have a long, oblong face choose wide wrap-around or oversize styles. Square faces suit round, cat-eyed and curvy frames, while round faces suit more linear and angular frames. Wide frames are flattering to fuller faces. An oval face can get away with almost any shaped frame and there is a wide range of detailing to draw attention to, or away from, your features. While classic black frames add a touch of glamour there is no need to stick to this, and you can find styles to complement your colouring, including attractive tortoiseshell, bright primaries, pastel, metallic and even clear frames made from durable plastic or metal.

Buy Aviator Sunglasses Online

The first aviator sunglasses were made for pilots in WWII. Made popular in the 1970s, this stylish yet comfortable style of sunglasses with a distinctive frame and wide lenses that are designed to cover the whole of the eye. We stock a range of aviator sunglasses to suit men and women and are paired well with smart casuals.

Ladies Cat Eye Sunglasses

We think that the fabulous cat’s eye sunglasses will always be in fashion. These retro-styled feminine sunglasses come with exaggerated shapes and thick frames to suit many different styles. Wear them on the beach or with your favourite summer dress.

Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

Thick-framed glasses with metallic or unusual coloured accents are also a statement frame for the style-conscious. They can be paired with any types of outfits and are unlikely to out of date any time soon.

Round Metal Sunglasses

Round lenses are a popular choice of sunglasses, as they flatter unusual face shapes. Try a John-Lennon style look to stand out from the crowd.

Tips for choosing materials and finishes

Choose brown, golden or tortoiseshell frames if you’d like them to stand out. These sunglasses are particularly suitable if you have warm brown, auburn, grey or black hair. Black frames suit many different skin and hair tones and are classics that go with any outfit. Bright coloured frames suit cooler hair colouring.

Mirrored lenses will reflect light away from your eyes to give a darker view on very sunny days. Sunglasses with polarised lenses cut out light which has been reflected off surfaces, such as water and snow. Polarised lenses keep glare from reflected surfaces to a minimum.

Best Sunglasses Online By Just Glasses

We promise you’ll find the most stylish and high-quality sunglasses at the best possible prices. We guarantee that all glasses are made to the highest standards, and you are entitled to a 100 per cent refund if your glasses reach you damaged or if you are in anyway unsatisfied with the product (and return them within 14 days).

Whether you’re looking for sunglasses, sun readers, ski goggles or traditional reading glasses, we try to ensure the process is as hassle-free as possible:

Buy any two pairs of any type of glasses and get postage free

14-day returns

Quick post (First Class) for just £2.50

Established for ten years

Exclusive online deals

Our website is constantly updated with the latest and most fashionable glasses, spectacles and goggles, and you can also search for offers on particular products or multiple purchases. Simply click the style you like and select the strength from our drop-down menu. Or choose two pairs from any of the collections to benefit from free postage. Order online and pay by PayPal or Credit Card, or email or call us if you’d like to find out more about any of our products.

For the finest sunglasses for men and women, browse the Just Glasses collection today.

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