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Beige Spectacles case Do you want to maintain your spectacles in a fashionable, convenient, and most importantly, secure way? Then you cannot do without a handy eyeglass case. Our Farmhouse case offers a simple yet elegant design combined with a classy look inspired by a rural aesthetic.

When you carry your glasses in a purse or pocket, you are at risk of scratching the lenses or, what’s even worse, bending or breaking the frame. This will never happen if you let a glasses hard case protect your eyewear from unfortunate accidents. But a spectacles case doesn’t have to be just practical. With our Farmhouse case, you can carry your glasses around with style. The beige linen-like finish and minimalistic design will ideally blend with any fashion style. Moreover, they are suitable for both men’s and women’s spectacles.

Our Farmhouse hard spectacle cases rely on a simple yet effective design that results in a serviceable and sturdy product. Its skeleton is lightweight and durable stainless steel that provides the necessary rigidity. The exterior is enhanced with sponge lining and a decorative canvas finish. The former will protect your glasses from impacts and the latter propels the overall style appeal. On the inside, you will find a soft lining that prevents scratching while you keep your eyeglasses in. Your spectacles are going to be well protected in a stylish manner.


Glass Cases For Spectacles: Dimensions

Type: Cases For Glasses Spectacles
Colour: Cream/ Beige Spectacles Case
Material: Fabric Glasses Case
Size: 15cm x 5 cm x 3cm


This women’s and men’s glasses case is designed to fit reading and sunglasses of medium and large sizes, although you might want to choose a different option for extremely large shades. The case size is 16 cm x 7.4 cm x 5.6 cm (6.2” x 2.9” x 2.2”), which is ideal for keeping it in a glove box of your car, handbag, suitcase, or even a pocket.

You will enjoy the durability, ease-of-use and stylish design this spectacles case is known for.


Eyeglasses Case For Sale At Just Glasses

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