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Whether you are a fan of hiking, cycling, or outdoor team games Just Glasses have the best wrap around sunglasses for you. While you spend your leisure time outside you should bring into play not only suitable clothing and comfortable shoes but also the right eye protection. Sports sunglasses with wrap around design from Just Glasses should be an integral part of your equipment. They will help protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation as well as accidental injuries.



Wrap around glasses are perfect for athletes and active people. They feature large curved lenses to snugly fit around your eyes. Rubber-like material and inwardly curved side arms help glasses stay on the face during sports and other activities. Convex lenses allow wider side vision and block out UV rays from all sides.

Do you really need sports sunglasses for outdoor activities? Anyone who has ever tried special eyewear while exercising or playing sports will confidently answer ‘yes’. Wrap around sunglasses won’t fall or slide off while running. They do not squeeze the nose bridge and you will barely notice they are on. On top of that, wrap around sports glasses protect your eyes from mechanical damage and injury. Dust, insects, tree branches, mud splashes – these hazards might damage your eyes. With protective sunglasses, your eyes are safe.



Whether you are a sports professional, outdoor activities enthusiast or just a sporty person, you need to add wrap around eyewear to your athletic gears collection. With these convenient and handy accessories, you’ll benefit from:

Our Wrap Around Sunglasses Polarised Lenses with Much More

  • Curved shape. Such a frame is designed to ensure the best fit to the face. It guarantees that even with the most intense workout you won’t lose your shades. In addition, the semi-circular frame provides excellent streamlining of airflow, a panoramic view, and protection from lateral sunlight.
  • Secure fitting. Many models are made of anti-slip plastic and have special rubbertouch arms or temple tips to improve grip. These glasses won’t slip off your face even with strong vibration.
  • Soft fitting across the nose. Such models are as comfortable as possible and almost weightless when being worn. Wraparound sunglasses come complete with special soft nose pads that securely fix the glasses on the bridge without squeezing it.
  • Safe materials. Sports glasses utilize high-quality plastic able to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. Due to improved durability and flexibility, wrap around eyewear will not break if dropped. Additionally, they will keep small stones, branches, and dust from getting into your eyes.




Although all wrap around glasses carry an athletic vibe and certain masculinity, you can easily pick a model that fits your personal style and face shape.

  • Semi-rimless sunglasses are sleek and streamlined options that will suit any sporty man or woman. They feature originally shaped frames, vibrant colours, and polarized lenses with ultra sun protection. Lightweight construction supplemented with rubberized arms feels almost weightless;
  • Oversize fit over glasses is a wise choice for people who wear reading spectacles in everyday life. Just don this oversize model right over your regular eyeglasses and you will instantly receive sunray protection while maintaining clarity of vision.
  • Corner lens wrap around eyewear is ideal for blocking UV light from all directions. They boast a super tight fit and extra side lenses to protect from the sun at any angle. Such models are ideal for drivers seeking a maximum field of vision.
  • Rimless sun glasses feature a versatile classic sports design suitable for any kind of activity. If you are looking for a functional, timeless, and casual design, these models are the perfect fit.





We carefully select products for our catalogues to deliver first-class quality at an attractive price. When purchasing sunglass eyewear from Just Glasses, you’ll get:

  • Exclusive models from the best-in-class eyewear brands;
  • Quick delivery;
  • 14-day money-back guarantee;
  • Unparalleled quality;
  • Free shipping if you buy two pair of glasses or more.

We’ve got you covered with the 14-day return policy if glasses you choose don’t fit. Save yourself the shipping cost by purchasing two pairs of any glasses at the same time. If you need any help just give us a call!

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