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An unrivalled selection of ready reader glasses at affordable prices and exclusive designs. Just Glasses is the best UK site to browse when you are looking for some modern, stylish and good quality reading glasses, sunglasses and everything glasses related.


With ten years’ experience under our belts, we are happy to say that Just Glasses has created a range of ready reader glasses, which will rival what traditional high street UK opticians have to offer. Unlike other high-street brands, we primarily operate online which means we are able to provide you with exclusive offers on unique frames that cannot be found anywhere else yet. This also means you can sit back, relax and scroll through a seemingly endless number of fashionable designs.

Our range of ready readers span from retro glasses to foldable reading glasses, to even rimless glasses. We have pairs of reading glasses that will match every style, personality and taste and tell your personal story. Whether you want to be bold with some Aqua frames or simple yet sleek with a pair of classic black glasses, we have it all. You just have to pick which ready reader glasses you like the best, and for the affordable prices of these glasses, you might as well buy a few!


In our ready reader glasses we have all different colours including purple, green, red and blue. Different patterns are also in our range, with many coming in sets of five, so you can have a different pair for each weekday. Our collection does not stop there though as we also have a variety of shapes in our exclusive range. We know that certain sites say that different head shapes should wear a certain frame, but we think that you should choose the ones you love the best, everyone is different! Pick from round, oval, rectangular, wayfarer style and many more.

The question you may ask yourself before you typically make a purchase is how much will it cost. Here at Just Glasses, all of our mens ready reader glasses & ready readers for women are picthed at affordable prices starting from as little as £8.

Ready Readers Glasses Range

Mens & Ladies Ready Readers Glasses

Our flagship range is our off the shelf ready reader glasses. Our huge customer base come back to us time and time again for their near vision needs. We have a great variety of reading glasses and we only concentrate on supplying the latest styles suitable for day and evening use.

Computer Ready Reader Glasses

Within our ready reader glasses collection, we have a range of computer glasses that are perfect for those of you that spend time in front of a screen. Our range of computer glasses are anti-glare, anti-fatigue and anti-strain which means your eyes will not feel as strained.

Ready Made Sun Reader Glasses

Don’t strain your eyes in the sun! Our collection of sun readers will allow you to lounge in the sun without putting a strain on your eyes. The best part? We have different designs for every style.  So whether you are relaxing in the garden, strolling on the beach or simply walking around the park, we have you covered.

Off the Shelf Clip-on Sunglasses

If you wear prescription glasses you will know that you will need to have a pair of prescription sunglasses or you have to place a pair of normal sunglasses over your current prescription glasses. Not anymore. We have a range of stylish clip-on sunglasses that will simply clip to your existing pair.

These clip-on sunglasses will provide you with 100% UV protection, protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays. These clip-on sunglasses are suitable for almost any type of frame.



What about strength?

Even though Just Glasses does offer a wide variety of visually pleasing glasses, sunglasses and accessories, we are not a professional optician. This means we can only offer a rough approximation guide for which strength you should purchase.

We do have various strength options, but the six main ones are +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00 and +3.50. Check out our eye chart if you need help with sizing.

The accessories

With Just Glasses, you will be happy to hear that the price is not the only beneficial aspect about us. Some pairs of glasses also come with a glasses case that compliments the style of reading glasses you have picked out. For example, the popular Aqua frames we mentioned earlier comes with a soft blue pouch to keep them in. Whereas, our slim gold colonial reading glasses come with a slim, gold metal case. Keeping your glasses safe and unscathed is important to us, that is why we love to provide a glasses case with your glasses.

The offers

If you love to change up your style from time to time, or you love to coordinate your outfit choices with your glasses you will love our multi-buy offer section. Wearing the same pair of glasses day in and day out can be a bit repetitive, but you do not need to do that. We have an entire section where you can buy discount reading glasses in sets to get a lower price.

If patterns are for you, this set of five Bohemia reading glasses are perfect. From flowers to zig-zag, from purple to orange, this set will have you feeling like a new person each day. Each pair of ready reader glasses also comes with a complimentary glasses case, making it a total of 10 items for £40.00, which is £4 for each item.

Keep an eye out for other offers we have such as buy any two and get free postage, perfect for anyone who lives to keep their style fresh and fashionable.


Just Glasses Is Your Number One Supplier Of Ready Reader Glasses UK

If you need assistance which pair to choose or want to place an order over the phone give us a call on 0121 277 4443 or contact us by email . We accept paypal as well as all the major credit and debit card providers.

We are so confident you’ll love our glasses we have a 100%, hassle-free refund policy if you are unsatisfied in with your glasses in anyway, and you can return said glasses within 14 days.

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