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Just Glasses is a leading online retailer of reading glasses online for the past 10 years. Focussing on high quality, very well designed ready readers at an affordable price has been our successful philosophy since day one. They are less expensive than custom eyewear, allowing you to own several pairs for a small amount of money. Too often have we seen the local opticians charging such extortionate prices we were determined to offer the UK public a most cost-effective and easier solution to buy off the shelf readers. Likewise, we saw and purchased reading glasses from online platforms such as eBay and the quality on there was awful and that’s being nice!

When you look to purchase reading glasses online the lenses should be up to a certain qualified standard. We proudly have controlled our manufacturers to ensure the lenses are of the same, if not better optical quality than what you would expect from your local opticians or from the large market-leading brands.


We only supply non-prescription ready made reading glasses online i.e. these are the same ones which you would buy over the counter at a local supermarket, department store, household store, opticians etc. They are for near vision reading use only.

Our Best Ever Collection of Reading Glasses Online UK

This year we have expanded our collection of reading glasses online to include all the usual favourites; rimless reading glasses, folding reading glasses, memoflex glasses, bifocal readers, aviator reading glasses. There is a huge selection of Mens Reading Glasses and Women’s Reading Glasses which we offer. Have a browse through our online eyeglass store and see which style, colour and finish will suit you best. Prices are cheap starting from as little as £8.00.


reading glasses online

How To Buy Reading Glasses Online?

Ready to wear reading glasses online are available in lots of fun styles and colors, too, so you can experiment with fashion, purchasing a somewhat outrageous pair of glasses or perhaps stick with the classic frames without risking a lot of money. Just browse through our reading glasses (anything shown on the website is in stock).

We stock all eyeglass spectacles in +1.00 +1.50 +2.00 +2.50 +3.00 +3.50 lens dioptres. Just choose from the menu which strength you need. If you need some guidance check out our reading glasses strength chart.

Why not take advantage of our promotional offer – its a great way to purchase reading glasses online cheap. Buy any 2 pairs of reading spex and you get postage for FREE. Yep no catches, just free post. This offer extends across all reading glasses online and also on our other ranges too such as sunglasses, computer glasses and sun readers etc. This means you can buy say 1 pair of reading glasses and and say 1 pair of sunglasses too and the postage will be FREE.

Finally, we accept all standard card payment methods Visa, Master Card, American Express and Paypal too. Add your glasses and when you’re ready to pay just go straight to checkout. Failing that just give us a call and we can take payment over the phone too if required.

Reading Glasses Online


Why Choose Just Glasses?

We’re so confident at Just Glasses that you will love our online reading glasses, we offer a hassle free 100 per cent refund policy if you are in anyway unsatisfied. No questions asked, just return them for a refund.  We want all our customers who have perhaps been struggling where to buy reading glasses online to buy with confidence.

We have specifically tailored an exclusive range of reading eyeglasses online which are top selling frame styles which are suitable for both everyday usage as well as evening use too. They’re suitable for all ages, face types and all very stylish and made from good quality materials so they last too.

Get started and browse our reading glasses store collection today!


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