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Night Driving Glasses Clip On

GMC Night Driving Glasses Clip On will instantly transform any eyewear into night driving glasses. Thanks to a handy clip-on design, it’ll take less than a second to prepare your eyewear for driving at night and in low light conditions. The majority of glasses for driving at night don’t provide lenses for far- and near-sighted. This means that you have to choose between clear vision and glare reduction. However, if you opt for GMC, you can have the best of both worlds. While not removing your eyeglasses for vision correction, you can easily add a protective layer specifically designed for poor driving conditions.

The yellow lenses in GMC night driving glasses clip on are not just a fashion choice. They feature powerful polarization filters that remove up to 99% of headlight glare and surface reflection. At the same time, they let vertical light come through in an unrestricted manner so the picture won’t turn any darker. On the contrary, these yellow filters improve contrast in low light conditions. This helps significantly reduce eye strain and clearly see the world on the other side of the windshield.

Anti Glare Clip on Driving Glasses: Specifications

Lens Width: 61mm
Lens Height: 51mm
Bridge Size : 15mm
Total Width Of Clip ons: 137mm


All of our clip on prescription sunglasses are designed with ease of wear in mind. You can attach them to any of your prescription glasses in a heartbeat. They feature rubberized clips that prevent shifting and don’t leave scratches. Plus, thanks to a flip-on design, you are able to switch between night lenses and your regular ones at any second. The width of 137 mm and lens height mm make it possible to pair GMC with most models of prescription glasses. Last but not least, durable yet lightweight plastic won’t feel like a heavy load on your face.

We ship GMC night driving glasses clip on with a stylish neoprene pouch. It provides great protection against smears, stains, dirt, and scratches.


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