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Driving Glasses Night

Harley driving glasses at night are the best solution to ease eye strain and improve visibility in low light conditions. Once you put them on, you can kiss annoying light glare goodbye.

Not only do the yellow lenses look stylish, but they also provide the desired comfort while driving. They maximize UV protection and eliminate pesky light glare almost completely. Thanks to polarization, you’ll be able to see only vertical light that doesn’t irritate your eyes. On top of that, Harley night glasses increase contrast to give you perfect clarity and complete visual comfort. The lenses are complete with an anti-scratch coating to maximize their service life.

Harvey glasses for driving at night feature a fit-over frame shape with a slight curve to snugly go around your face. Each side accommodates an oval shield to help safeguard your eyes from lateral light and improve side view. This model is recommended for people who have high sensitivity to bright light. Harvey offers a fairly wide frame that can be worn over prescription glasses.

Night Blindness Glasses: Dimensions

Lens Width: 63mm
Lens Height: 41mm
Bridge Size : 15mm
Frame Width: 138mm

Our driving sunglasses over glasses have been designed and constructed in such a way to ensure comfortable wearing, style and safety. The frame boasts a matted Rubber Touch coating that adds a touch of luxury and prevents the glasses from sliding. The side arms feature a gentle curve that helps hold them close to your head while minimizing pressure on the ears. The nose bridge and pads are constructed to evenly distribute weight and rid you of nose pinching.

Harley fit-over driving glasses at night come with a convenient soft pouch. Hide your glasses inside if you don’t want dust or sharp objects to damage lenses. To upgrade the level of protection, make sure to browse through our glasses cases catalogue.


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