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Womens Reading Glasses UK

Bring life back into focus with a pair of stylish womens reading glasses from our hottest ranges. Just Glasses is a leading online supplier of quality women’s reading glasses for over 10 years. Our philosophy of providing inexpensive but high quality ladies spectacles that rival the local high street opticians has made us one of the best reading glasses online stores for cheap women’s reading glasses in the UK.

Check out our new seasons’ range of ladies fashion reading glasses which have just arrived in!

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Simply The Best Reading Glasses For Women

As an online womens reading glasses retailer, we are equipped to provide exclusive offers on ready reader glasses for women that are not available elsewhere. Our ladies eyeglasses products have been exclusively sourced for the UK market to a high quality standard. Each reading glass frame style, colour, shape and finish has been ruthlessly tested for quality and affordability. Most of our womens readers cost between £10-£20.

We proudly stockpile ladies reading spectacles in a wide a variety of colours, shapes and styles, as well as seasonal edition models to cater for ladies of all ages and fashion tastes. From cool womens reading glasses to the more vintage style simply put, we have the best reading glasses for women currently available online.

Womens Reading Glasses Strengths Available From + 1 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.00 3.5

As we get older our eye lens naturally stiffens and its accuracy to focus on nearby objects and small print becomes more difficult. You’ll then find through no fault of your own (its only the ageing process) it becomes harder to read newspapers, magazines, tv screens and of course books. Its quite probably that you will require near vision reading glasses to correct the focus. Whether its womens reading glasses 1.5 or a reading glasses 2.5 the strength determines the power requirement for your eye focus.

All that you are required to do is to decide which of the womens readers you like the best and the strength you want them in. We have ladies reading glasses in +1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 strengths and diopter. Indeed we have everything from classic womens black reading glasses to funky trendy reading glasses with more modern colours. So, whether you’re looking for cool reading glasses for women or traditional eyewear spectacles we have a pair for you.

If you need some size reassurance use your eye chart to discover your spectacle magnification strength.

Tips For Choosing Stylish Reading Glasses For Women From Our Online Eyeglass Store

There are many different types of off the shelf glasses to choose from, including retro, cats eyes, aviator, memoflex and ladies rimless reading glasses styles. For over the counter reading glasses, we strongly recommend that you choose a size proportionate to your face. The width of the frames should not be wider than the overall width of your face at the temples. The top of your eyeglass frames should also be no higher than the line of your eyebrows To ensure that they are comfortable, we recommend getting the right bridge design and position is the key to a comfortable fit. The lower edge of the readers shouldn’t sit on your cheeks so that they don’t rub or irritate.

The bridge width is measured as the minimum horizontal distance (in mm) between the two right and left nasal surfaces. Ladies readers with a wider bridge width indicates that space, where the eye spectacles will sit on the nose is broader, and this is typically between 14mm and 24mm.

The frame width is the overall distance from hinge to hinge of the frame measured horizontally, usually between 125mm and 145mm. As a guide, a narrow frame width is considered to be anything up to 131mm; a normal size from 132 to 138mm and a wide frame from 139mm and upwards. If you are ready to buy reading glasses, check our sizing guide in the product description section to ensure the glasses frames are suitable for your needs.

Where To Buy Womens Reading Glasses – Why Choose Just Glasses?

If you’re looking for cheap women’s reading glasses which are trendy, stylish and affordable fashion readers, Just Glasses is the online store for you. Our range is continually updated with the latest womens fashion readers and reading sunglasses. We guarantee that all our ready made readers are manufactured to impeccable quality and you are entitled to a hassle free refund should you not be satisfied. Just return them within 14 days, no questions asked.

We have ensured the purchase process is as simple as possible:

· Buy any two pairs of reading eyeglasses and get free postage

· 14-day Hassle Free returns

· Quick post (Everything 1st Class)

· Exclusive online womens reading glasses range

We sell only non-prescription women’s eyewear glasses i.e. these are bought off the shelf and ready to wear straight away. Browse the Just Glasses reading spectacles collection today!

We also sell ladies sun reading glasses, women’s clip-on glasses and of course computer reading glasses too.. Check them out!

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