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Looking for the right glasses straps?

Here at Just Glasses, we are dedicated to providing the most affordable eyeglass chains & straps for glasses for all types of eyewear.

Whether you want to make it easier and quicker to use your glasses or you want to be able to read whenever you need, a chain for your glasses is the perfect solution. Glasses straps are perfect for those people who are constantly taking their glasses on and off throughout the day. If that sounds like you, then you could benefit from a strap for your glasses.

How to choose your eyeglass chain

When selecting the cord for your glasses, you should consider several features before making your purchase. We focus on high-quality, customer service and affordability. Our aim at Just Glasses is to become a one-stop-shop for all your glasses needs, which is why we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed with every purchase.

One way we focus on customer service is providing as much detail about our products as possible. We want to make sure you can make the right decision for you and your needs. Take our glasses neck cords, for example; there are a number of features to consider when browsing through our glasses cords.

Glasses string length

The length of your reading glasses strap should also be taken into consideration when choosing your chain. You want to make sure your reading glasses neck cord will sit comfortably around your neck, and it will be the perfect length for its use.

Eyeglasses cord fabric

When it comes to the fabric of your neck strap for glasses, you can pick from a variety of options. For example, you could choose the traditional elastic strap for your glasses or opt for a chain for eyeglasses. Chains can range from silver glasses chains to even gold, in some cases. The fabric choice depends entirely on what style you want to have.

The fastening process

Did you know that there are different types of fastening for your glasses cord? For example, your spectacle cord or chain could have a slip-on strap or a hook strap. The type of fastening depends on the frame of your glasses; however, slip-on straps are extremely popular as they are easy to use.

The adjustable loops on slip on the glasses neck cord can easily attach to whichever frame you have, no matter the width or size.

Why you should use an eyeglasses chain

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in spectacle cords and chains, from convenience to even style. Fortunately, we can explain a few reasons why you should think about having an eyeglass string for your eyewear.


The main reason why many people invest in a reading glasses string is for the overall convenience. How many times have you taken your glasses off, and forgot where you put them? A spectacle string holder will mean you always know where your glasses are, and you can easily use them when you need them.

Imagine you are reading, and then having to get up to check on a meal you are cooking. You stand up and take your glasses off; only to return after checking on your meal and realising you don’t know where your glasses are. A glasses chain or strap will allow your glasses to always remain on your person, without having to go to any extra effort.

Summer weather

A neck string isn’t just for glasses; you can also have a sunglasses cord which is perfect for those days where the weather varies. You never know what the weather might be, and the sun might pop out, out of nowhere. Having your sunglasses on a string to hold them, will allow you to put them on when the weather changes without having to search your bag.


Believe it or not, many people have a reading glasses cord because it is a stylish accessory. There are many trendy glasses chains to choose from and even reading glasses lanyard that will accentuate your glasses and your eyeglasses neck strap.

You can use different glasses straps to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your outfit. You can even change up the strap each day by investing in several different styles, patterns and materials.


Playing sports is made much easier when you have a sports strap for your glasses. A sports cord for your glasses will keep them in place when working out, running or doing any other strenuous activity. You might be surprised at just how much more you can accomplish when you have a comfortable glasses cord attached to keep your glasses in place.

Buying your glasses cord direct from a UK based retailer

We aim to provide affordable, durable and high-quality products to all our customers. Our aim is to become your one-stop-shop for all your spectacle needs. We care about our customers, and we encourage customer loyalty, which is why we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed with every purchase. Our customer service team is currently located in the UK, and they are always standing by to assist you with any queries or questions you may have. If you ever need clarification on our products or you are wondering whether or not a product is available, you can contact a member of our team today. If you are looking for trendy glasses straps that focus on quality, style and convenience, you have come to the perfect place as we have it all right here online.

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