Off The Shelf Reading Glasses UK

When you’re in need of an instant eyeware solution to correct your vision, off the shelf reading glasses are the single most affordable, quikest and fashionable remedy. However, many people spend hours scouring the Internet trying to find suitable ready made reading glasses that would satisfy both their quality and aesthetic criteria but fail to find the right pair. Leave these fruitless searches in the past. Just Glasses is the number one off the shelf reading glasses supplier in the UK with an extensive range of products to meet your needs to a T. We have thousands of happy buyers.



The Best Off The Shelf Reading Glasses 

When purchasing reading spectacles, you basically have two options – prescription custom made glasses or buy over the counter reading glasses which have pre-made lens strengths generally from +1.00 up to +3.50. Prescription glasses are much more expensive costing usually in excess of £50 from UK opticians. It takes a while to custom-make them (and you have to repurchase them once your precription changes), plus their design is somewhat limited. Ready Made Reading Glasses have much more choice and you can select different styles for day and night and different outfits too. Literally put them on and you’re ready to read!

With off the shelf reading glasses, you are able to get a suitable eyewear piece right away. No long week of waiting, no hassle, no extra money spent! On top of that, you will be able to choose among dozens, if not hundreds, of models. When you know exactly what you need regarding lens strength, over the counter glasses is a time-saving and budget-friendly solution!



Affordable Reading Reader Spectacles For Men & Women

Just Glasses is a leading eyewear online store in the UK. For more than 10 years, we have been supplying quality-made yet affordable glasses. Our catalogues are bristling with stylish and fashionable products that demand the eye and appreciation of every individual. Whether you are looking for attention-grabbing or, on the contrary, discreet glasses, we’ve got you covered.

How do we manage to keep our prices so incredibly low? It’s simple, we work with manufacturers that dedicate themselves to the best-in-class quality without inflating the price. Such an approach enables us to create a wide assortment of ready-made glasses with an attractive price tag and top-notch quality.

Buy Ready Made Reading Glasses for Everyone

Just Glasses is a go-to place when you are seeking reading glasses for men, women, and children. We consider all popular styles, trends, and designs to guarantee you won’t leave empty-handed.

Whether you prefer fashionable and inexpensive plastic-rimmed glasses or incline to practical and durable metal frames, we’ve got you covered. Our glasses come complete with impact-resistant lenses that boast solid optical quality and a wide range of strengths. You can rest assured that you will easily find head turning glasses for near vision from 1.0 to 3.5 dioptres.



Be Stylish with Our New Range of Off The Shelf Eyeglasses

Long gone are the days when reading glasses were unsightly, thick-rimmed, and uninspiring. With Just Glasses and our immense assortment, you can pick glasses that cater for your individual style requirements.

We deliver spectacles in a wide array of frames. Men can benefit from our rimless glasses with timeless design and highbrow attitude or opt for retro options featuring designs that stand the test of time. One of the most popular styles is aviator glasses created for self-asserted and bold individuals. If you seek practicality or require an on-the-go solution, go for our folding readers.

If you are a woman with high standards regarding your appearance and style, you will definitely appreciate our cat eyes glasses with the recognizable vintage shape. Retro women’s spectacles are sought-after products that command the attention of every passer-by. The new addition to our catalogue is memoflex glasses with the trailblazing design allowing bending and twisting the side arms without causing any damage. Rimless glasses are indispensable if you strive to create a neat and intellectual look.

Off The Shelf Reading Sunglasses

Our new range of off the shelf ready made reading sunglasses have arrived. We have styles for men & women in a variety of colours and frames. Check them out. 

Off The Shelf Bifocal Reading Glasses

Due to popular demand we have introduced off the shelf bifocal reading glasses into our range too. The response has been overwhelming with our classic metal framed bifocal ready readers. Check them out. 




Just Glasses is Your Reputable Supplier of Reading Glasses

Off the shelf reading glasses from Just Glasses will improve your life quality in a heart beat. Just browse through our ample selection of sleek, edgy, and professionally-designed products and you will surely find a spectacle that catches your eye. Our glasses are a lifesaver when you require a fast and quality solution but are not ready to overpay.

Eyewear we stock is elegance, durability, and affordable price, all rolled into one. With Just Glasses, you’ll benefit from:

  • Shockingly low prices ranging from £8 to £20;
  • Eyewear produced according to high industry standards;
  • Exclusive models nowhere else to be found;
  • A comprehensive selection of styles, shapes, and colours;
  • Lenses ranging from 1.0 to 3.5 strengths;
  • Return any product within 14 days;
  • Fast shipping;


To top it all off, we supply a full range of accessories such as hard and soft cases, cords, wipes, and care kits. Don’t hesitate to shop with Just Glasses to get stylish off the shelf reading glasses that exceed your expectations.

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