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Reduce digital eye strain and play better our high quality gaming glasses. Designed for performance and protecting the eyes safely, Just Glasses has become the go to store for video gaming glasses for the past 10 years. All of our gaming glasses are ready to use, off the shelf and non prescription.

With the rise in the amount of hours people are playing games it is simply not safe to have the eyes unprotected (in particular harmful blue light rays) viewing reflective digital screens. Whether its xbox gaming glasses, gaming glasses ps4, pc gaming glasses protective gaming glasses are a must for any user.

Video Gaming Glasses or sometimes referred to as blue blockers help fight headaches, dry eyes, visual fatigue, blurred vision and sleeping disorders. Our blue blocker lenses are of high optical quality and CE approved too. They let through “good light rays” but blocks out the damaging blue light rays which over a long period of time can damage your eyes. Indeed our  Uv gaming glasses have only a slight tint on the lenses which mean that the colours of your game are not distorted and decolourised.


Glasses For Gaming | These are our Best Computer Glasses

We offer a great selection of gaming computer glasses which are both very trendy and fashionable whilst also been manufactured with the highest lens grade for approved CE protection. In fact our manufacturers have been hand picked who often produce the same glasses for other leading UK branded glasses which cost in excess of £100. The difference is our cheap gaming glasses are of the exact same quality (if not better) and at a fraction of the price you would purchase from your local optometrist.



Blue Light Glasses To Protect Eyes From Screens

All of our blue light gaming glasses for men & women are designed to be very fashionable, in trend and suitable for all face types. The rectangular square shape wayfarer rimmed frame and is a very popular choice in black. However if you want your computer vision glasses in a more colourful frame design or perhaps in a different colour we stock other models styles too.

When you click into the product listing you can check out the exact eyeglass measurements in the product listing. See from multiple angles to ensure you have selected just the right pair of stylish gaming glasses for you.


Suitable for PS4 Gaming Glasses | Gaming Glasses Pc | Xbox one gaming glasses

With so many addictive games available to play, many gamers nowadays binge play i.e. they play for in excess of 2 hours of consistent game play. Whether you want to buy gaming glasses for ps4, xbox, pc or indeed any other console protecting your eyes from digital eye strain will help you in the long run.

We have had many customers of ours who have rated our gaming glasses range 5 out 5 stars multiple times and said how much of a significant difference it has made to sore eyes, dizziness and general eye fatigue. Our lenses are of the highest approved optical quality. We highly recommend our blue light eyeglasses as they’re the best glasses to reduce eye strain.



Where To Buy Gaming Glasses UK

Just Glasses is a UK online retailer of gaming glasses and we have thousands of happy customers who come back to us. Unlike cheap online auction sites like ebay or even Amazon who have a lot of foreign Asian sellers our gaming glasses are heavily focussed on delivering high quality at affordable prices.

We’re glad that we have some of the leading manufacturers in the world.

Best Gaming Glasses | Our Guarantee

When you buy any of our glasses for gaming, if you are not completely satisfied with your order you can return your eyeglasses to us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund no questions asked.

If you are unsure of anything just get in touch, we are only a phone call away.


Cheap Gaming Glasses | Our 2 for 1 offer

We have a special promotional sale on all of our online computer eyewear glasses range. If you purchase any 2 pairs you will get the postage for FREE. This includes mix and match so you may want to buy for example 1 Sunglass pair and 1 Computer Glasses. This would qualify for free postage.




These eye spectacles are purchased as an “off the shelf” ready made solution to protect eyes from digital screens. They should not be worn by persons below the age of 18 or used for driving use.  There are no guarantees than any of our glasses gaming can lessen eye strain, headaches, eye fatigue, dizziness as these conditions can result from multiple sources not just screen use. Results may vary from person to person and we do not accept any liability in their use. Just Glasses is NOT an optician, optician or portraying to be a qualified medical entity or professional. The opinions stated on this site is from our understanding as an unqualified retailer. Please seek appropriate medial advice from an approved Optician before your purchase and if you it has any adverse affects you should stop the use of the gaming glasses immediately.

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