Funky Reading Glasses

Are you seeking cool-looking funky reading glasses to show off your personal style? Then funky reading glasses are just what the doctor ordered. They are edgy, eye-catching, and most importantly, they showcase your individuality – what else do you need to stand out in a crowd? Just Glasses delivers a comprehensive range of powers in colourful and quirky styles for adventurous ladies and gentlemen.


Tortoise Reading Glasses

What can be more traditional and yet incredibly fascinating than iconic tortoise shell designs? Boasting the recognizable spotted pattern in earthy tones, they are a great choice for vintage enthusiasts. Frames that feature more than two colours are always attention grabbers, but if you combine this quality with a cute design and exceptional durability, you get a true epitome of funkiness.

One more benefit of tortoise shell reading glasses is that they are exceptionally flattering. They go well with dark and light hair colours alike, and even carrot-tops will feel bold wearing these sophisticated frames.

Just Glasses supplies tortoiseshell reading glasses in a variety of frames – round, wayfarer, semi-rimless, etc. – to enable you to pick a perfect accessory in accordance with your personal style. If you’re not ready for a full-blown tortoise design but would like to add a touch of pizzazz to your readers, we are happy to offer models flashing tortoise side arms.

A model to check out – Amsterdam turtle shell glasses combine timeless retro design, a scintillation of a duo-tone finish, as well as a strong emphasis on wearability.



Funky Ready Readers UK By Just Glasses

Ladies Cat Eye Reading Glasses

Although this design is a golden oldie in the sunglasses category, we still don’t see enough cat eye readers. That’s too bad because nothing attracts the eye more than exaggerated frames and deliberate femininity.

If you’re looking for a way to ooze the vibes of modernity and vintage at the same time, you simply cannot overlook cat eye reading glasses. Working best on round faces, they, nevertheless, look harmonious regardless of a face shape. That’s the reason they are still in style despite more than a 70-years history. If you require funky reading glasses to flaunt in a business or academic environment, you can’t go wrong with this time-tested design.

A model to check out – Lydia Quinn glasses feature coffee brown frame embellished with leopard side arms. Thanks to their elegance and allure, they easily add a feminine touch to your business look.



Popular Reading Glasses for gents & ladies

Tired of cookie-cutter frames and uninspiring colour range? Why not try something vibrant, audacious, and eye-catching instead? Just Glasses offers a wide selection of fashion reading glasses in teal, blue, red, green, and other bold colours – we are sure you will easily find a model to match your current mood and personality.

A great choice of frame shapes, materials (plastic and metal reading glasses are available), and styles in our inventory are bound to satisfy even the most demanding taste. Our model range caters for men and women alike because we believe that everyone has the right to flaunt readers with a difference.

Despite featuring vividly-coloured frames, our designs remain tasteful and elegant. What can be better than a pair of cool reading glasses that looks great even in a severe business environment?

A model to check out – Islington is a riot of colour in a fancy circle frame. This beautiful accessory is more than enough to steal the show. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’ll love their eye-catching character.

Clear Frame Reading Glasses

Are you into spectacles that don’t hide your face? Then clear reading glasses are worthy of your consideration. While traditional rimless readers can’t really be called funky, transparent frame models have more than enough of that desired quaint quality.

While making a strong statement in itself, this trendy design doesn’t steal the show or distract attention. On the contrary, thanks to almost invincible look, it helps put a person who wears them in focus.

A model to check out – Glacier readers in a transparent frame complement your style in a manner that benefits your personality. You’ll enjoy their lightweight and magnetism that make heads turn.

Rimless Reading Glasses
folding reading eyeglasses with hard case


Males Aviator Reading Glasses

We are mesmerized by an enduring appear of aviator style glasses. Why not take the same design but instead of tinted lenses, utilise those for reading? No sooner said than done – we are happy to present our sought-after line of aviator reading glasses.

Made of lightweight steal and lenses in a range of +1.0 – +3.5 dioptre strengths, they carry the same recognizable design. Just instead of the great outdoors, you wear these in the office, at home, and wherever you need a quick fix for your vision. The highlights of our trendy aviator spectacles are a military vibe, boldness, and sex appeal. While they originally cater for men, we find them a great choice for ladies, too. And if you dream of an accessory with a difference, gold aviator glasses cannot be overlooked!

A model to check out – Pilot, our unisex ready to wear reading glasses in a sleek golden frame. While having rather rectangular lenses, they retain that quality of edginess that conquered millions of people around the world.

Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men


Funky Reading Glasses Bestsellers From Just Glasses

Not sure where to buy reading glasses to set yourself apart from the pack? Just Glasses is one of the largest UK-based suppliers of ready reader glasses for men, women, and kids. We proud ourselves on delivering expertly-made products featuring both timeless and trendy designs. Whether you enjoy classic, contemporary, or vintage reading glasses, we have plenty of options to offer. No matter which model you decide to go with, you can count on us for the following:

  • super affordable prices;
  • fast nationwide shipping;
  • quality exceeding your expectations;
  • lens strengths within the +1.0 … + 3.5 range;
  • 14-days return policy.

Don’t hesitate to check out a hand-picked assortment of best reading glasses for the entire family. Come for cheep and cheerful prices, stay for exclusivity and great quality.

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