Just Glasses provides exceptional quality and affordable fashionable reading glasses for all types of faces, ages and purposes. As one of the leading online retailers for fashion reading glasses in the UK, we have a huge range of fashion eyeglasses in different frames, shapes, colours and sizes. All of our fashion reading glasses are non prescription i.e. they are ready to use off the shelf. All is required is for you to know what size fashion readers strength you are.



We have regular stock of the latest fashion reading glasses in the following eyeglasses strengths:

1.0 reading glasses strength magnification

1.5 reading glasses strength magnification

2.0 reading glasses strength magnification

2.5 reading glasses strength magnification

3.0 reading glasses strength magnification

3.5 reading glasses strength magnification

4.0 reading glasses strength magnification



We keep a large range of colours too; black fashion reading glasses, blue reading glasses, red frame reading glasses, pink reading glasses, gunmetal spectacles etc. Check our store out reading glasses for fashion and select the best coloured frames for you.

Womens Fashion Reading Glasses

We regularly scour the world over with many suppliers in different countries to deliver the best range of womens fashion reading glasses. We have a huge range of cats eyes glasses, wayfarer spectacles, folding glasses for women, diamante style reading glasses for ladies. Ladies fashion reading glasses are one of our most popular collections!

Mens Fashion Reading Glasses

Just like the ladies we have a great collection of fashionable spectacles for men too. Whether it’s for everyday use, travelling or you are looking for that trendy fashionable reading glasses to match that evening outfit we are sure to have a design for you. We have some of the best fashion reading glasses available online.

Fashion Readers Eyewear Tips

Depending upon the purpose, over the counter reading spectacles, we strongly recommend that you choose a size proportionate to your face. The width of the eyeglass frames should not be wider than the overall width of your face at the side edge temples. Indeed the top of your spectacle glasses should not be higher than the line of your eyebrows.



Are Our Range Of Fashion Reading Glasses Cheap?

They certainly are! Its one of the great successes of our online eyeglasses shop that we are able to sell non prescription fashionable reading glasses at such affordable prices. Many of our returning clients tell us how cheap we are compared to their local optician’s store and our quality is even better than theirs!

Whats the Fashion Reading Glasses Sale?

We a promotional offer where you can reap the true rewards of a fashion reading glass sale. Buy any 2 pairs, yep  thats literally any 2 pairs in reading glasses, sunglasses, clip ons, reading glasses or computer glasses and you will not pay any postage. It’s on us.

Keep an eye out for exclusive online deals and regularly check for the latest fashion reading glasses ranges.

Reading Glasses Online

Buy Fashionable Reading Glasses store. Here’s What You’ll Get From Us

As established supplier of fashion reading glasses UK rest assured we literally have thousands of happy customers who return to us time and time again. We have made the whole process quick, simple and practical so you can select the pair of latest fashion reading glasses and get them on the way to you quickly.

When purchasing fashion readers from Just-Glasses, you’ll get:

– Low Cost Fashionable Ready Reader Eyeglasses

– Lens strengths from 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0,3.5

– Exclusive online designs

– 14-day hassle-free return policy on all purchases

– Quick 1st Class shipping


We accept telephone orders, email orders or you can pay online using PayPal or your credit or debit card.

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