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Just Glasses is your leading supplier of computer glasses UK. Our eyewear products are of the highest quality, which is confirmed through CE certification and thousands of happy customers.

In today’s digital era, we spend half of our lives looking at the screen of a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Despite the fact that smart devices make our lives easier, they can also cause a lot of damage, mainly, to our eyes. After hours of staring at a screen, your eyes get dry, reddened, vision becomes blurred, it is difficult to focus; eye weariness may even lead to headaches. The screens of all mobile devices, computers, and smartphones emit dangerous blue light rays that can damage eyesight with prolonged exposure. Computer glass lenses feature built-in filters with a barely noticeable tint that block harmful radiation while allowing the safe spectrum of light to pass through. With anti-glare spectacles, you can protect your eyes from damage, fatigue, and strain.

GAMING GLASSESWe supply versatile anti glare glasses which make a great fit for men and women alike. They are suitable for any age and face shape. The most popular computer spectacle designs feature the square wayfarer frame. Whether you go with a classic black frame or fashion-forward tortoise style, these computer glasses will enhance your look while safeguarding your eyes from strain.




Anti Glare Glasses For Computers With Top-Notch Lenses

All computer readers you see in our catalogue have protective lenses which effectiveness is confirmed through CE certification. We partner only with trustworthy suppliers of non-prescription computer glasses to deliver the best combination of price and quality. Blue light filter glasses from prestigious brands can cost hundreds of pounds but why pay more when spectacles by Just Glasses are as effective and durable? We bring the cost down while keeping our quality standards high. With our online store, you can get first-rate products at a surprisingly affordable price.


Reading Glasses for Computer Use in Various Lens Strengths

Our off-the-shelf computer glasses UK come complete with a vast selection of lenses. If you have good sight and just want to protect your eyes from the negative impact of blue rays, you can opt for zero strength lenses. Whether you normally utilize reading glasses, you are able to pick anti glare spectacles with similar strength. We deliver glasses with lenses of +1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 optical powers.


Our 2 For 1 Offer On All Our Computer Eye Strain Glasses

We have a special promotional sale on all of our online computer eyewear glasses range. If you purchase any 2 pairs you will get the postage for FREE. This includes mix and match so you may want to buy for example 1 Sunglass pair and 1 Computer Glasses. This would qualify for free postage.

We guarantee that every product in our inventory is safe, tested, and effective. We do not work with questionable manufacturers whose prices may be temptingly low. Instead, we team up with reputable UK optics stores to supply premium products at a reasonable price.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, there is a 14-day hassle-free refund policy in place. To make your experience with Just Glasses even more enjoyable, we offer free shipment if you buy two items at once. Your order may include any glasses – computer protection glasses, sunglasses, readers, etc.



If you need any help when selecting non-prescription computer glasses UK from Just Glasses, feel free to contact us via email or phone. If you are unsure of anything just get in touch, we are only a phone call away.


These eye glasses for computer glare are purchased as an “off the shelf” ready made solution. They should not be worn by persons below the age of 18 or used for driving use.  There are no guarantees than any of our glare reducing glasses for computer can lessen eye strain, headaches, eye fatigue, dizziness as these conditions can result from multiple sources not just screen use. Results may vary from person to person and we do not accept any liability in their use. Just Glasses is NOT an optician, optician or portraying to be a qualified medical entity or professional. The opinions stated on this site are from our understanding as an unqualified retailer. Please seek appropriate medical advice from an approved Optician before your purchase and if you it has any adverse effects you should stop the use of the gaming glasses immediately.

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