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Just Glasses has been providing anti glare glasses for over a decade now and has quickly become the go to store to buy anti glare glasses for computer use, mobile phone use or indeed any reflective digital screens. With the rise in the amount of hours people use smartphones, ipads and indeed desktops/laptops at work the need to have glasses for looking at computer screens which protect your eyes from damaging blue light has rose massively.

Anti Glare Glasses sometimes referred to as Blue light block glasses or computer glasses help fight headaches, dry eyes, visual fatigue, blurred vision and insomnia. Our lenses lets through “good light rays” but blocks out the damaging blue light rays which over a long period of time can damage your eyes.


Quality Blue Light Filter Lenses & Frames

We offer a great selection of blue light glasses which are stylish as well as being the highest lens grade for approved CE protection. We have only sourced from the best manufacturers in the world ensuring we can delivery a top quality non prescription computer glasses. The quality of all of our anti glare glasses are on par (if not better) than all the leading UK designer brands who produce these anti glare glasses. The biggest exception is our anti glare glasses are at a fraction of the cost!


Computer Glare Glasses | Which Are The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

All of our anti glare glasses for men & women are unisex and suitable for any age. The square wayfarer frame style is a real classic and is very popular in black. This particular model is great to wear at home perhaps on the ipad and also at work when you maybe on your desktop. It suits all purposes.

Moreover, we all have different face shapes (Oval, Square, Heart, Round etc). Again the traditional wayfarer anti glare frame is by far the most popular for all face types and ages. You can see the eyeglass measurements in the product listing so you can compare the frame size and style to an existing pair. You can also view the anti eye strain glasses for multiple angles to ensure you have selected just the right pair for you.


Reading Glasses For Computer Use In + 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 Strengths

We offer the clear blue light glasses in 0.00 zero strength lenses i.e. they have the anti glare lens coating on them but they do not have any reading glasses lens magnification. i.e simply put if you don’t wear reading glasses to read normally you just require the 0.00 clear lenses.

If you do wear reading glasses normally then you should choose the lens magnification which you would normally use for a normal reading glasses pair. i.e. if you normally require +1.50 strength then choose the 1.50 anti glare glasses.


Where To Buy Computer Glasses

Just Glasses provides the best glasses for computer use online in the UK. Unlike cheap market places such as Ebay and Amazon where foreign sellers sell unapproved blue light reduction glasses lenses. Our philosophy has always been to deliver on high standards at affordable prices and we deliver premium quality protective glasses for computer users. In fact many of the models listed on our website we supply directly to UK opticians stores who resell the same ones at higher prices.

Buy Anti Glare Glasses With Confidence

When you buy anti glare glasses from us, if you are not completely satisfied with your order you can return your anti glare specs  within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund no questions asked.

Chatting with an expert at Just-Glasses is also just a click away if you get stuck. You can get in touch with us by email or telephone if you are unsure of anything.


Buy Computer Glasses Online | Our 2 for 1 offer

We have a special promotional sale on all of our computer eyewear glasses. If you purchase any 2 pairs you will get the postage for FREE. This includes mix and match so you may want to buy for example 1 Sunglass pair and 1 Computer Glasses. This would qualify for free postage.

These Computer Screen Protection Glasses are purchased as an “off the shelf” ready made solution to protect eyes from digital screens. These anti glare glasses should not be worn by persons below the age of 18 or used for driving use.  There are no guarantees than any of our anti glare glasses can lessen eye strain, headaches, eye fatigue, dizziness as these conditions can result from multiple sources not just screen use. Results of using our anti glare glasses can vary from person to person and we do not accept any medical or non medical liability in their use. Just Glasses is NOT an optician or portraying to be a qualified medical entity. The opinions stated on this site is from our knowledge as an unqualified retailer. Please seek appropriate medial advice from an approved Optician before your purchase.

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